Spring 2016

| Currently being updated. Some shows may be missing at this time.

| New shows will be added as soon as possible. |


6 AM Urban Legend
8 AM Frank, Gil, and Friends
10AM  Rockin’ N Rollin’ Jazz & More AAA Shock with AAA  Other Worldly Sound with DJ Malco  Funhouse with DJ Tree
12PM Meesh Mosh
 J. Soul [Hip Hop]
 Dead Hour  Dan and the Man
2 PM  Jay In The Morning with justingroovy Elantra’s Showwith Elantra  Braz  Noise Pollution with Crow Nico Radio  The Hater From The West Side of N.B. with DJ Joe Grind
4 PM The Sunday Spectrum Max’s Mad Music Mash with DJ Max DJ Brzrk with DJ BrzrK Office Hours The Magical Mystery Tour with The Walrus  Max’s Mad Music Mash with DJ Max  Urban with Katelyn
6 PM  The Sunday Spectrum With Melissa
 The Magic Mystery Tour
Turned Up Tuesdays The Denzell Show  The WigglesShow The Mix-Up Rebel Mix!
8 PM Black Sunday Part 1 From The Underground & Below

The Evening Experience

 Vintage Rock with DJ Sahara  Thursday Tunes with Wooly with Mike “Wooly” Mason The Marzu Show with Marzu
10PM A Taste Of Chaos The Full Count Radio Hell The Atomic Abyss  Black Sunday with Ian


All hours not filled by a DJ are filled by our automation system. We are a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week station.